Our Process

Custom Nutritional programming based on your body and lifestyle

Nutrition Plan

BCSN believes that training programs and nutritional guidance must be developed specific to the client. Simply put, every person has different goals, life’s responsibilities, dietary history, physical ability and are at different levels of fitness just to mention a few factors. Yes, we can offer canned training programs with simple linear progression or canned meal plans but we really want to contribute at the highest level we can to making a difference for your mind, body and spirit. Thus being the reason why we go all in to invest in you and your long term development. To help you develop your mind, body, and spirit and gain permanent control of these aspects of your life.

Permanently transforming your body conformation, fitness level, physical health, mental health, vitality & wellbeing, etc. are all achieved through strategic planning, coaching & mentoring. In order to achieve permanent and life changing results we need to really connect and develop strong two-way communication. The more we learn about you, the more accurately we will be able guild you down the correct paths for you. The greater chances we will have in helping you drop old bad habits for new healthy habits, drop old self perceptions for new healthier self perceptions.

Client Consultation

Client consultations can be conducted in person, FaceTime, various client intake forms if you prefer etc… This consultation will cover the following;

Lifestyle Review

There needs to be an initial lifestyle review that goes a little deeper into work schedule, family schedules, general lifestyle and daily habits that will help us align with your schedule needs, etc. This will ensure we are programming inside the parameters of time and schedule that you need us to. 

Furthermore, we also begin to better understand current daily habits both good and bad and can begin to encourage the good ones and start coaching and mentoring to help change out bad habits for better habits. NOTE: This is a continual process, this is where the permanent, life altering goal meeting changes really take hold.

Health & Fitness Assessments / Programming

In order for BCSN to be able to develop training plans, establish lifestyle coaching and or nutritional guidance specific to your needs, we will conduct a number tests (or assess from client intake forms) to establish your current baseline health and fitness states. It is from these baseline assessments that we can then begin to develop your training programs, lifestyle coaching and nutritional guidance from. Some or all of the below mentioned criteria could be collected and assessed:

Nutrition & Eating Habit Review / Guidance

Even if you are only coming to us for training and programming guidance, we will still review your nutrition history, eating habits and knowledge base. Whether your primary goal is health, wellness and vitality, developing crazy strength, significant weight loss, significant muscle building, your nutrition, hydration & sleeping habits play a significant role in determining your long term success and sustainability. We will use this detail to guide not only in how we develop your nutritional strategy and start a path and plan forward on changing out old bad habits for new good habits, but also to help guide us in what areas of nutrition we need to educate you and maybe even help you unlearn perceived diet and nutrition facts that have lead you down an unhealthy path.

For those who are coming to us for nutritional coaching, after the initial review you can expect it to look something like this:

Some education in what biological effects the different macronutrients have when we eat them. What are the hormones that affect weight loss and gain? What are the foods that can affect these hormonal levels? What hormone(s) affect hunger and how can we control it. From there we will begin to develop food and beverage lists to eat and drink from, food and drink lists to avoid most of the time. Furthermore, we will look at how much and how often we should eat and why.

It is our goal to help you create a solid nutritional knowledge base that you can then use with our help to build solid sustainable nutritional & hydration habits that simply become a part of your daily lifestyle. Do not expect daily meal plans of foods your coach pics for you, don’t expect to have to count calories, macronutrients or weigh your food. Regardless of how motivated and driven you are, meal plans are hard to follow day in and day out. In order to be successful long term your nutritional intake and timing needs to fit into your daily life. Not your life fitting into your diet system and meal plans.

Private 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions / Programming

With the option to train with us at our private fitness studio “The Shred Shed” or in your home. Bridge City Strength & Nutrition will ensure you learn proper technique for all elements of your training as well as learn the purpose and benefits of each element of your training. As your mind, body & spirit continue to adapt to your training and coaching, we will continually progress and advance your training stressors, knowledge base and lifestyle changes.

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