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Our story

Bridge City Strength & Nutrition began with developing its strength arm Bridge City Barbell. In 2018, BCB began training out of CEO and Cofounder Dean Wall’s fitness studio, the “Shred Shed.” Bridge City Barbell’s Head Trainer/Coach and BCSN Cofounder Danny Heintz, who had been strength training and competing in powerlifting for many years, began programming for and training a few friends in the athletic community interested in powerlifting.

Group training began in the Shred Shed, and out of our passion for coaching, training, competing, and the powerlifting community came the birth of Bridge City Barbell. Since then, Bridge City Barbell has help athletes reach some amazing goals. Here is a list of some of those accomplishments:


As BCB athlete membership has grown, our need for a more extensive training facility for group training became apparent. In 2020, BCB partnered with Synergy in Saskatoon to become BCB’s new home for strength training.

With BCB team training moving to our new home at Synergy and further efficiencies gained through our programming/program delivery software etc., we have emphasized developing Bridge City Strength & Nutrition’s vision and mission to offer true and complete personal health & fitness training offering.

Through the past 30+ years of coaching a multitude of sport disciplines, Dean has developed a passion for strength/condition/nutrition and life coach aspects of training. In recent years Dean has dedicated much time to study from today’s experts in the conditioning, nutrition and strength training realm.

Danny has spent much time studying in the strength and powerlifting domains, continues to develop his knowledge base, and like Dean, also has a passion for passing on what he has learned to those who wish to become better in mind, body, and spirit.

In a sentence, Bridge City Strength & Nutrition’s Mission Statement honestly does describe our purpose and motivation all in one sentence.

Our Mission

The Bridge City Strength & Nutrition team is genuinely driven and motivated to help you attain and experience living life with optimal fitness, health, wellness, and vitality. To learn how to gain permanent control over these aspects of your life and hopefully see yourself differently and much brighter light. We desire to help you avoid falling victim to the latest and greatest diet pill ads, the promise of the fastest ever fat burning workout, and the gain of 10 pounds of muscle in 28 days challenges by providing you with positive coaching, legitimate mentorship, and real-world strategies to help ensure permanent life-changing results.

Personal TRAINER

Dean Wall strength trainer Saskatoon


Dean’s first experience as coach dates back to 1988, where he was an assistant high school wrestling coach. He has coached team sports such as hockey and individual sports such as wrestling ever since. Right from those early years his mission and purpose in life became very clear: “Make a difference mind, body and spirit”. Being a personal mission statement, it has guided him since he was 20 years old.

His higher purpose in life has been to learn, coach & mentor through sport and other avenues. Through the years of coaching he has developed a passion for strength & conditioning training as well as the nutritional aspect of training. In recent years, he has dedicated much time to learning from todays experts in the strength & powerlifting, conditioning & the nutrition realm.

All this led to the birth of Bridge City Strength & Nutrition. At BCSN, we are absolutely committed to develop your personal strength/conditioning/nutritional training and development programs, based on a collaborative process where personal & evidence-based data. This drives all aspects of programming your training/nutrition/weight management, etc.


Strength Coach

Danny Hientz strength trainer Saskatoon

Danny Heintz

Danny has been competing in the sport of Powerlifting for seven years. He has competed at local, Provincial, National, and International level competitions throughout his competitive career. (See achievements below)

During his time in high school, he played football, track & field, but his love for sport started in wrestling. Training with the high school team, as well with the Junior Huskies, he was able to claim 2 City Championships, 3 Provincial Championship Silver Medals, 2 SAWA Provincial Gold Medals, and 1 National Silver medal in Greco-Roman Wrestling.

High school wrestling is where he first met coach Wall and the Shred Shed. Not only did Coach Wall bring a serious intensity to training, but he helped Danny see his potential in sport and life.

Near the end of high school Danny was introduced to the sport of Powerlifting. He immediately took to the objective-based, style of training, with the sole goal; get stronger. In 2017, he began coaching a few friends who were interested in powerlifting and he committed to taking them on as athletes who wanted to compete. He began writing programs, and teaching efficient lifting technique for Powerlifting.

By late 2017, BCB had 4 athletes, 3 of which have gone on to compete and medal at multiple international competitions.
Danny has been in the pursuit of knowledge in strength training, athlete management, and Powerlifting Performance for many years, but has also been expanding his knowledge base in the general fitness and conditioning by acquiring a Personal Trainer Certification. Danny has also attained multiple specialty certifications to further build his knowledge of all things strength, health and fitness related.



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